Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Eliot "Soprano" Spitzer

As I start up this blog I will be posting some older content along with up to the minute news. Here is a great article titled "Wall Street Thug" from last December by Stephen W. Stanton of Tech Central Station.

Here is the money quote:
Tony Soprano is an unsavory character. He breaks the law. He lies. He intimidates. He makes his own rules, and he gets what he wants. And yet he remains a very popular guy.

Eliot Spitzer is also a popular guy, recently winning reelection as New York's attorney general in a landslide with 66% of the vote. In fact, it seems that Mr. Spitzer has a lot in common with Mr. Soprano. A recent issue of Forbes exposed the grittier details about this public official. Spitzer has broken the law. He may well have lied about his campaign finances. He is especially adept at intimidation. Here are a few of the specific charges mentioned in the article:

He violated ethics rules and the law by bullying defendants in a civil suit with threats of criminal charges.

Spitzer went on TV to smear the reputation of a company to damage its business and bully it into a settlement.

Spitzer filed civil suits against executives for engaging in business practices that are not even against the law.

He personally profited by the same business practices he now prosecutes.

Spitzer is no saint. He usually gets what he wants by intimidation and coercion. Not satisfied with his legal authority, he practices pseudo-law in the court of public opinion. He uses the media to extort settlements that he probably could not have achieved in a court of law.
This article is so good I've added it to the sidebar.


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