Friday, May 13, 2005

Eliot's Eminent Domain position attacked on his own website

The message boards on area buzzing with those criticizing Spitzer’s support for Bruce Ratner’s planned development that includes the new New Jersey Nets Arena. It is quite a sweetheart deal for Ratner (read about it here).

Here is Spitzer's statement on the project:
I'm all for the development in Brooklyn, Bruce Ratner's plan, it is a spectacular development, it needs to be built, it should be built quickly, it will revitalize a critically underused portion of Brooklyn, right now, it'll build housing, it will generate jobs, tax revenue. It is a spectacular project and I think we should move forward on it immediately.

One of the posts on his site sums up Spitzer’s support of corporate backroom dealings nicely:
It's interesting that Spitzer has come out against the West Side stadium and in favor of the Brooklyn arena/land grab. Both involve secret backroom deals and abuse of taxpayer money. The difference is that the Brooklyn arena is worse in a couple ways, since it involves the abuse of Eminent Domain. But the other political difference is that Cablevision has put in millions of corporate dollars to oppose the West Side stadium, and the opposition to the Brooklyn project is completely grass-roots. So I guess it's easier for Spitzer to take a moral stand when he can get corporate backing for it.
See the many, many criticism of Spitzer’s support of the Ratner project here.

Develop Don't Destroy the organization created by those who will be kicked out of their homes because of eminent domain has more good information.


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