Thursday, May 12, 2005

PCI's Csiszar Accuses Spitzer of 'Corporate Terrorism' and of Ignoring Own Conflicts

Insurance Journal reports that someone has decided to stand up to Spitzer's "McCarthy-like tactics":
Ernie Csiszar, president and chief executive officer of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, said Spitzer is unfairly using the threat of jail and a "trial by media" against business executives and that Spitzer's avowed political ambitions taint his prosecutorial positions...

"Spitzer has discovered the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It wasn't Saddam Hussein; it was Spitzer's corporate terrorism, the threat of an indictment, the threat of going to jail...

"If Spitzer is out to eradicate conflict of interest which he seems to be doing, he should look in his own mirror in the morning and question his own conflict of interest," Csiszar charged. "Here you have a prosecutor who has clearly expressed his lust for political power by declaring himself as a candidate for the governor of New York.

"There are some of us who think, not without good reason, who think that his ambitions go beyond that. The governor of New York historically has not been a bad place to begin a run for the presidency at some point down the road. I think that Spitzer is positioning himself for that. The reality of it is that in and of itself, in comparison to his prosecutorial position, truly creates a conflict of interest and what is the punishment for that?"

He added, "This smacks of McCarthyism, and I am sorry, that is not what America is all about."
It is about time someone fights back against Spitzer's smear machine rather then just settling out of fear.

Read the entire article here.


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