Saturday, June 04, 2005

Spitzer in the News

Business Week:
Spitzer May Get His Day in Court
Under fire, he finds himself facing a most tenacious foe: Ex-AIG boss Hank Greenberg
"the crusading New York Attorney General has shown himself a master at trying cases in the court of public opinion.

Spitzer's modus operandi is now familiar: Call in TV crews to announce a lawsuit with sweeping allegations of wrongdoing. It's been a hugely successful formula."

LA Times:
It's Déjà Vu: Eliot Spitzer Has His Eye on a Bigger Prize
"Michael Milken was a California target, so future political fundraising efforts within the New York investment banking community were not threatened by strong action against him...

don't be lulled into thinking he is doing it for the little guy."


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