Sunday, June 05, 2005

Suozzi's Profile Continues to Grow

Both the Daily News and Newsday ran AP articles about Suozzi posing a problem for Spitzer's run. The Daily News article notes:

"the Suozzi factor hovers like a dark cloud over state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's plans to run for governor."

The articles also note the continued pressure being applied by McCall for Suozzi not to run including an interesting statement from McCall dennouncing primaries:
"The primary hurt. There were two Democrats going to the same sources for money. I had to divide money with my Democratic opponent," McCall said, referring to the challenge he faced from ex-federal Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo.

"Primaries are always bad," added McCall.
While there is no doubt that the heated primary hurt McCall when he challenged Pataki, contested primaries can have many positive aspects, such as ending up with the strongest possible candidate, and one who has proven their ability to campaign and fundraise.

Of course what really is telling about McCall's comment is that he would prefer a return to the Tammany Hall days when candidates were annointed by party bosses rather than chosen by the people. Obviously since McCall owes Spitzer (who gave McCall a pass during the Grasso NYSE investigation), if it were up to McCall, Spitzer would be annointed the Democratic nominee without asking Democrats to vote in a primary.


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