Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Miller's Illegal Mailings

Much has been made of the wasteful use of taxpayer dollars and the political nature of NY City Council Speaker Gifford Miller's $1.6 million mailing. (That's almost $1.6 million more than the $37,000 it was supposed to cost!)

While wasteful spending in the form of franking is always deserving of public criticism, breaking the law is grounds for legal action and as the NY Sun editorial today makes clear Miller did cross the line from wasteful incumbent to law breaker:
There's no doubt that Mr. Miller's mailings were misleading and unacceptably political, which is why council members and government watchdog groups have criticized him for abusing the franking process. Even worse, the massive printing job was divided into 150 smaller jobs to avoid the competitive bidding process that city procurement rules would require of a larger project. Those rules also say that work "shall not be artificially divided" to avoid that process.
With Miller having broken the law it now falls to Spitzer to as Attorney General to hold Miller -a fellow democrat- accountable. Something he has been unwilling to do in the past.


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