Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Outlawing Basic Business Strategies?

As someone with experience in a Washington PR department there are basic rules that you learn very quickly. One of them is if you are trying to get media coverage, don't have an event late in the week.

Of course the opposite is also true: if you don't want coverage then a Friday press conference is just what you want to place newspaper coverage on the barely read Saturday paper and television coverage on the Saturday news.

And the same basic principle drives business...

In an article Tuesday on Eliot Spitzer's newest attempt to stifle business is examined:
Spitzer's settlement pertained solely to equity analysts who intentionally published false and misleading reports with the aim of benefiting their employer's clients. Cifuentes' complaint reportedly focused on Wachovia's attempt to influence the timing of his reports, both to raise the profile of Wachovia deals and to please the firm's clients.
If AG (Attorney General or is it Aspiring Governor?) Spitzer does decide that timing news to raise the profile of one's company or increase your business is illegal then he would be condemning the most basic common-sense business practice.

Also we would have to expect that in the future Spitzer won't time news to maximize its effect...

So the next time Spitzer calls in a favor to secure an endorsement in a late night meeting or in the shadow of a bigger story should we expect him to call a press conference despite it being 10:30 pm or Super Bowl Sunday?

To not do so would be hypocritical!