Monday, July 18, 2005

Spitzer Fails to Do His (Actual) Job

The Empire Journal recently highlighted Eliot Spitzer's failure to do his basic duty and notes:
Eliot Spitzer wants to be Governor of the State of New York.

But if he can’t objectively, fairly and uniformly handle the job as Attorney General of the state, why would he expect anyone to vote for him to be Governor.
The editorial notes that an astonishing...

90% of judges in New York State are illegally in office!:
When the New York State Oaths Project undertook a survey of the 3,300 judges in the state of New York to determine their compliance with the law and to learn just how many of them were legally in office, the results were shocking. Over 90% of the state’s judiciary were illegally in office, illegally plucking a paycheck and benefits from the pockets of taxpayers of New York while they weren’t even legally in office and had absolutely no jurisdiction to find that others had violated the law, to send people to jail and make decisions that would forever impact the lives of others.

Two years ago, a nearly 400-page bound tome of evidence that judges across the state, particularly town and village justices, were not legally in office and were engaged in a fraud upon the public, was hand-delivered to the office of Eliot Spitzer. Short of a form letter acknowledging the receipt, Spitzer didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to the fact that the state’s judiciary was a society of a black-robed lawbreakers. He in fact condoned their violation of the law and allowed their continued non-compliance.
Actually he did more than that... he wants to give them raises!


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