Sunday, August 14, 2005

Can the GOP really challenge Spitzer?

Today's editorial in Newsday questions the NY Republican parties readiness to compete with the Democrats in statewide elections:
[T]he absence of a compelling Republican willing to run for governor when Pataki steps down is also discouraging to those who don't want the state to slip into one-party control.

With big-name Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg unwilling to seek state office, it's up to lesser lights to fill the void. This page hopes Sen. Michael Balboni (R-East Williston) runs for attorney general (the Democratic incumbent is running for governor). Lt. Gov. Mary Donohue, another GOP moderate, should consider stepping up.

If and when they do, Republican leaders should be interested in more than just dimming Democrat Clinton's star for a future national race. They must generously help the party's next generation that, frankly, to Pataki's particular discredit, has not been well groomed to rise.
I agree. It seems that New York Republicans fit into one of two categories:

Presidential Hopefuls or No-Names

Think about it. Where are the "in between NY Republicans" who want to lead New York and actually have a chance at winning state-wide election.
  • Maybe Jeannie Pirro can be that person but taking on Hillary is more likely to set her up for the future.
  • Rudy has had his eye the White House since he became "America's Mayor" and of the bunch he is the only one who might make a formidable presidential contendor one day.
  • Pataki is under the delusion that his run for the White House in 2008 has a chance of going anywhere. How he thinks he can win a Republican Primary is beyond me: if Republicans want a "moderate" nominee they will go for John McCain.
  • And I can't see Bloomberg leaving NYC. He's barely a Republican (I would venture to say that he isn't anywhere but in New York) and unless the capital of New York moves from Albany to Manhattan or the Hamptons I just don't see him spending that much time in Albany.
That leaves a bunch of no names who have little chance to win a State wide election anytime soon. Meaning that the odds of a strong challenger to Spitzer in 06 are slim and none.

A shame too since there is so much to criticize him for!


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