Thursday, August 04, 2005

Polls Update

With Pataki's departure the Republican nomination is now wide open. Newsday released polling data on possible Republicans challengers and even some with no possibility of running:
The Quinnipiac poll had Spitzer leading Bloomberg, 51 percent to 34 percent; ahead of Pirro, 59 percent to 21 percent; and leading Weld, 60 percent to 16 percent.

There has also been some talk of billionaire Rochester businessman B. Thomas Golisano, the three-time losing candidate for governor of the Independence Party, running in 2006 as a Republican. The poll had Spitzer leading Golisano, 58 percent to 22 percent.
The article does note that Giuliani, were he to run, would beat Spitzer 49 percent to 42.

P.S. Again the break in blogging is because I have moved down to DC and started my job. I'm currently staying with friends and haven't moved into my own place yet so posts will continue to be sporadic.


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