Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Slap Happy Spitzer

Spitzer announced a settlement in an investigation of a "slapping contest"held on NYC radio station "Hot 97":
Spitzer and the state Athletic Commission stated that the hip-hop and rhythm and blues station held 24 "Smackfest" contests from April 2004 to January 2005. Young women took turns "violently slapping" each other for concert tickets and as much as $5,000 in cash, Spitzer said. Images of the slapping then ran on the station's Web site.

"This agreement should be a wake up call to all those in the entertainment industry who think outrageousness is a clever marketing strategy," Spitzer said. "The law establishes set boundaries that cannot be crossed to protect our community's health and safety."
So Spitzer doesn't have time investigate Democratic NY City Council Speaker Gifford Miller's illegal wasting of taxpayer money or to ensure that judges are legally sworn in to office but he does have time to settle a quarter of a million suit with a radio station for holding contests where consenting adults slapped each other for concert tickets!

It would make a great satire if it weren't true. What's next? A press conference when Eliot collects a speeding fine?


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